Welcome to the world, little one // Northern VA

Sweet little Emmaline was born into a house full of love, laughter and a whole lot of activity. She has a big brother AND a big sister to chase after for years to come. It's a good thing that Emmaline has a very easy-going temperament. She actually seemed to perk up with curiosity when she heard her brother and sister talk or laugh. These kids are going to have a blast together. Sure, there will be fighting and tears– but there will also be laughter and super-fun-happy-times. Evan and Ellie are going to be amazing big siblings to Miss Emmaline. Apparently Ellie doesn't take anything from anyone, and has already stood up for her big brother Evan. I think Emmaline is one lucky little girl to have that big sister Ellie! What a fun bunch.

My heart swelled seeing how much Emmaline's parents cherish her. Seeing a Mom hold her newborn child is one of the most beautiful, heart-warming images. Then put a tiny baby girl in her Father's arms and your heart melts all over again.

I normally like to spend a good amount of time on posing the baby, capturing "naturally posed newborn" images. But the shoot led me in the direction of capturing a lot of candid family portraits and "life moments". I love that this happened, since these are much more special and natural than some of the posed newborn shots. They capture the relationship and special bond between the family and the newborn. The little red sack that Emmaline wore in a few of the posed shots came as a gift from a friend of the family (a neighbor I think). I just ADORED that sack! What a beautiful, hand-made gift. I think someone should open a shop on Etsy!

This little beauty was making my camera sing. That hair! Those lips! Those ears! Enjoy!