Ann White Photography // Shaw Nature Reserve // St. Louis, MO

Did you know that I moved to St. Louis?? Even though I have mentioned it multiple times on the blog, I never did a specific 'shout out' post about it. So here I am, four months into becoming a Midwesterner, and I am loving it (aside from the fact that I there is no beach). The people here are SO NICE. I feel like I have gone back in time about fifty years. Not in regards to fashion or cars or anything, but in regards to values and the importance of family and quality time. There is just SO much to do here with Finn... and a lot of it is free!

St. Louis has been so wonderful that I have been slacking in posting on the blog. I also had to unpack and get through the first trimester of my pregnancy. YES, I am pregnant with baby boy #2! He is due right around Finn's birthday this December. Another huge announcement. This explains why Finn is wearing "Best Bro Ever" in the following photographs. These were taken a couple months ago when we did a late Springtime hike to Shaw Nature Reserve. It was gorgeous!