So long Virginia

In case you hadn't heard, I am moving to St. Louis, MO! I am knee deep in boxes, getting ready for the big move, which is all happening suddenly, with little time to even think about it. My husband started a new job at St. Louis Magazine, as Art Director of the editorial art department. I am SO excited for him, and for my family's new adventure in that sweet little town. 

The move is bittersweet, since I will be leaving family, friends, and clients behind. I feel like we were just settling into things here, and the wind decided to whip us away. But I think in my heart, I always knew we weren't going to be here forever. My inner vagabond is excited for the change, while my nesting Momma Hen side wants to stay in our adorable little house, in the comfort of our routine. But you can't resist things sometimes–and it was clear that this move was meant to be. And how nice it is to mix up your routine sometimes. But oh how I'll miss this house! It has dreamiest natural light that a photographer could hope for. The light pours into my bedroom in the early morning, and follows Finn and I downstairs into the living room. In the late afternoon it floods the kitchen and Finn's bedroom with the warmest rays… almost as if the sun was taking an afternoon nap in his room. This image often causes me to stop and gaze into Finn's room at times, trying to hold onto the image like a photograph in my head- forever. Do you ever take mental photographs? I do, all the time. But they just aren't as good as the real thing ;) 

All of these moments sneak away from us as quickly as they grace our presence. As I sat in Finn's room today, snuggling on the chair with him, reading a book– I forced myself to take multiple photographs in my mind of the fat snowflakes falling from the sky outside of his window. I couldn't have asked for a prettier 2nd-to-last day in our perfect little house. Flash forward 6 hours to me cursing at the 8" of snow on my driveway, shoveling and thinking of all of the packing I need to be doing!