Children's photographer Virginia

finn turns 2 // Alexandria, VA

This is a continuation of the below posts, journaling Finn's 2nd year; leading up to his 2nd birthday in December 2014. I will be posting all week. The final post taken the week of his 2nd birthday will be up tomorrow!

I love these two photo sessions seen below. The first one was taken in September.. on one of our last "summery" days, at the park around the corner. This was Finn's favorite place to go all summer long (besides the beach). I am so glad I decided to grab my camera as we ran out the door that day. These will be some seriously treasured photographs for years to come. I taught him to run the bases (although he preferred to run the wrong way). He slid in the dirt, as if he already knew how baseball players slide (natural instinct for boys I think). His spirit was free here. I have a hunch this little man is going to love baseball. You should see his throw.

The second series was taken on our way to the local Halloween parade. Finn wasn't feeling well, so my super-talented, crafty husband made a school bus out of our radio flyer wagon. He made it with the box it came in, and painted it himself! Finn still rides it around and refuses to let us take the cardboard bus off.