let it snow

We got our first snow on Finn's birthday. It was so beautiful. Ironically it was over 60 degrees the day he was born. Funny how a Mom remembers little things like that. It actually was freezing the day I went INTO labor, but not the day I had him (the joys of your first baby—which typically averages over 24 hours in labor).

I am doing a post so people realize that I updated my post from yesterday and added photos of Finn on Instagram from months 7-12 (See below). I wanted the whole Finnstagram stream of his first year to be in the same post (I know, I know.. OCD).

This was definitely a monster blog post, but so fun putting together! I actually am trying to get a photo book of his first year done before Christmas through Artifact Uprising, and this has helped me organize and pick my favorite Instagram pics. But seriously, can I freeze time so I can get this done, finish Christmas shopping, bake some banana bread and sleep for about 20 hours straight?

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happy birthday finn // iphoneography

Wow. A year already. Really? I could write a book about the last year. Maybe I will, but doing it right now is not the time, nor is this post the place! I cannot believe that my baby boy is a one year old. He is no longer a baby. He no longer needs me in ways that he did a year ago (but his needs have shifted). I am sad for the things that are already in the past, but so excited for what the future holds. More than anything, I am trying desperately to enjoy every. single. moment. The days are longer, the moments are quicker. Some moments I want to hold on to and never let go (the laughter... the incredibly infectious laughter). Unfortunately, photographs do not capture that laughter! 

Anywho, here is the first of a two-series blog post of my favorite instagram photos from the last year. Enjoy months 1-6 of my dear, sweet, silly, chubby, giggly, brown-eyed, goofy, adorable boy. Finnegan Jude. Oh, and follow me on Instagram (Finnstagram)!