Montessori school

Finn starts preschool // Faith Academy of Montessori // St. Louis, MO

My little man is growing up so fast! It sounds so cliché, but it is the truth. The days are long but the years are short. Good thing I am having another baby (more on that soon if you didn't know already).

I pretty much panicked when we decided to move to St. Louis, MO and I had to start my preschool research ALL over again. I had literally just found out that Finn got into a great little school within walking distance from our old house. We were deciding between that and a Montessori school nearby—which he also got into. We love the Montessori teaching method, and had taken a parent/child class at the Montessori school we were thinking about sending Finn to in Alexandria, VA.

Thankfully, I soon found out there were so many good schools in St. Louis, maybe TOO many. So I was then left deciding WHICH amazing preschool was best for Finn. My heart just had a great feeling about the first one that I found—Faith Academy of Montessori. An adorable little school nestled right next to train tracks (that are still active and run through the heart of the town we live in). The office of the school is a Caboose. I mean, how cool is that to a 3, 4 or 5 year old child?? There is a waving window so your child has an easier transition/goodbye as you walk to your car. 

I feel like we've gone back in time living in St. Louis.. in the best of ways. Finn LOVES that trains go by his school all day long. He also adores his teachers and the other children. We started him at Faith this summer, which was a bit more laid back (like Montessori summer camp). There were two older children that took him under their wing. I called them his angels. Jessica and David (see below when Finn has a hippie rockstar hairdo) were both about to go on to Kindergarden and took a liking to Finn, greeting him daily. They made him feel safe and secure, eliminating fear or anxiety over the change and newness of starting school. He ADORED them, and avoided shedding too many goodbye tears thanks to them. It was actually heartbreaking when he started his "first day" of preschool last month and they weren't there to greet him. But he has already made new friends and has settled into a new routine. Within the Montessori method, older children look out for younger children (and help them if needed). It builds confidence in the older children and a sense of security and acceptance in the younger children. Another reason to love this school and the Montessori method.

Of course he doesn't say too much about his Montessori lessons (he just talks about the trucks and bikes on the playground), but I recently had the pleasure of photographing the children doing their lessons, and it was an incredible thing to witness. As a parent, you see how different your child is with other authoritative figures (or you hear about it). Regardless of that, I was in complete awe of how peaceful, focused and calm all of the children were in this beautiful learning environment. There is so much to love about Montessori… you just have to visit a school if you are interested in witnessing or learning more!

Also see below: Finn's "First day of preschool" photos in front of our house. He did NOT like the backpack (which I put on for effect- he didn't need one for school). He was satisfied and smiling after he took it off and threw it… at me.