welcome, sweet claire

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing one of the most ADORABLE little girls recently. Claire is not only an absolute beauty, but she is also incredibly calm. She might have let out a tiny "meep" during the entire 4 hour photoshoot! Mommy and Daddy–Stacie and Hardy are clearly smitten with this little pink bundle of joy. How couldn't they be? It is hard to take your eyes off of this little girl. 

I had an amazing helper with me too–Stacie's younger sister, Sarah. She also was at their other sister's daughter's shoot over a year ago (also an absolute adorable, sweetheart!). She played the part of the loving Auntie, set stylist and photo assistant. Between her, Stacie, Grandma (or was it Mimi?) and I, we had so much fun playing baby dress up! There is so much love for this little girl. What a fun, sweet, happy, loving, good-looking family. I am so, so happy for them all! 



a day in the life of finn

I know, I know, I'm obsessed with my child. I'm sure you are too, or will be with your future child. So here is the third post of the birthday boy. I tried to capture a normal day with the Bubba, which I am blessed enough to enjoy 4 times a week. It could be better, but hey it could be worse. I treasure every single moment with him. I don't take my time for granted. I try so so hard not to do too many dishes or scrub the floor while he is awake. I've learned to be present SO very often when I am with him. Nothing else matters. I get down on my hands and knees and crawl around with him. We both have bruised knees.

It is amazing how full of love and light children are. I wish we as adults could maintain that open-hearted nature. Do you see how bright and happy he is when he first wakes up? Do you also notice he went through 4 outfits that day? LOL. You could wake up at 7am every day if he was your alarm clock too... "Baaaaaa Maaaaaaa Gaaaaa Dadadada"!


happy birthday finn // iphoneography

Wow. A year already. Really? I could write a book about the last year. Maybe I will, but doing it right now is not the time, nor is this post the place! I cannot believe that my baby boy is a one year old. He is no longer a baby. He no longer needs me in ways that he did a year ago (but his needs have shifted). I am sad for the things that are already in the past, but so excited for what the future holds. More than anything, I am trying desperately to enjoy every. single. moment. The days are longer, the moments are quicker. Some moments I want to hold on to and never let go (the laughter... the incredibly infectious laughter). Unfortunately, photographs do not capture that laughter! 

Anywho, here is the first of a two-series blog post of my favorite instagram photos from the last year. Enjoy months 1-6 of my dear, sweet, silly, chubby, giggly, brown-eyed, goofy, adorable boy. Finnegan Jude. Oh, and follow me on Instagram (Finnstagram)!


squatch hunting

Happy Halloween! I took the little man out to the wetlands & woods nearby to do a little Sasquatch hunting (or cute winter yeti hunting- that looks like a scary chicken). If I haven't said it lately, I'm so grateful to have such a happy baby (he must take after his Dad, who is ridiculously happy all the time). He was so happy to get out and crawl all over the boardwalk (and I had to chase him away from the edges every 5 shots). Num num num... leaves taste yummy.


Boo Bear

I spent a relaxing-but-not-so-relaxing week in my family's cabin in the woods (on a lake) in upstate New York about a month ago. It was my "summer vacation". My husband wasn't with me, so I was a bit short of help. I was basically chasing Finn around the whole week, aside from a few moments of solitude. My parents (MomMom and Poppi) were there too, but they were also on their vacation. It was a great vacation, since the sole purpose was to spend some quality time with my boo bear. My husband's Aunt conveniently sent this (un-coincidentally) adorable hat a couple weeks before the trip!


My Muse

About four years ago, I did my first "official" photoshoot with the adorable Mr. Grady. I was so incredibly lucky to have such a handsome little man pose for my first photoshoot! I was also very lucky to capture many more photos of this little guy over the next few years. Sadly he is living on the west coast, so I rarely see him these days. But I will be forever grateful for that first opportunity, which opened many doors for me! I am so very grateful to be taking photographs of SO MANY beautiful children on such a regular basis. Truly blessed.