Baby Dyllan + big sister Henley // STL, MO

I get a little soft when I see a family with at least two girls. I was lucky enough to grow up with a big sister AND a big brother. Best of both worlds. I think in a perfect world, all kids would have a sibling of the same gender. I cannot imagine life without my sister, and I am so so grateful that my boys have each other. Seeing the start of a bond between Henley and her new baby sister, Dyllan made my heart swell. I thought of all of the good times I had and still have with my sister… a bond that is unlike no other. Yes, there was fighting over clothes and boys… and who was prettier. But when it came down to it, we were there for each other through thick and thin. So here’s to you little girls that are blessed to have a sister! An immediate best friend for life if you’ll take it! And can we just also acknowledge how incredible beautiful Dyllan is?? She was such a sweet sweet baby (I know I say that a lot).


Boys + dreamy indoor light // Cleveland, OH

I haven't posted in way too long.. with the big move to St. Louis, MO and getting settled… three months just swept by. On our drive to the Midwest, we stopped in Ohio to visit Finn's boy cousin's, whom he is obsessed with. If you check out my instagram page, you'll see how long Finn's hair has gotten since this shoot (poor thing had terrible bangs thanks to Mommy here!). I have so many photos to post, but here's a start before we head off to vacation with these awesome cousins!

For Photographers:
Stuck shooting indoors? Find a beautiful background, like a wooden front door (seen below). Keep the subject facing the window/source of light, but try not to always blow out the face. Details/shadows/variation add debt and make the features stand out.