mel and joe // take one

I had the absolute pleasure of doing an engagement shoot in Old Newcastle, DE (established in the 18th Century) for one of the most adorable (and super fun) couples that I now know. Mel and Joe. They are highschool sweethearts (that tried to be apart but kept finding themselves together again). They are one of those couples that seems to just make sense. That just works. That wants to have fun. They are good friends but can't stop kissing. Isn't that the definition of true love? We had such a fun day...  from balloons to silly string to getting juiced up on delicious latte's from an adorable divey coffee shop in the heart of town. We also were one of the few people that were awake (or around during church hours) that beautiful fall morning. Stay tuned for more...


squatch hunting

Happy Halloween! I took the little man out to the wetlands & woods nearby to do a little Sasquatch hunting (or cute winter yeti hunting- that looks like a scary chicken). If I haven't said it lately, I'm so grateful to have such a happy baby (he must take after his Dad, who is ridiculously happy all the time). He was so happy to get out and crawl all over the boardwalk (and I had to chase him away from the edges every 5 shots). Num num num... leaves taste yummy.