Life can be amazingly beautiful, but it passes by in a flash.
With a camera I can stop time. I can capture a moment forever. 
My goal is to give you a moment, frozen in time.
To show you one's true spirit captured on film.
To play with light; how it reflects and brightens, twinkles and shines.

Since I was a kid I have been chasing moments with a camera. The moments in between the moments. The instant left unsaid. Ok, so it started out with me taking portraits of my hamster Gus Gus. Then it moved on to my dog Buffy. Soon I was snapping candids for the Highschool Yearbook. Then I took a black and white film class in college. I fell in love with the process... so much went into the creation of this beautiful image! All of these stepping stones led me to where I am now. This has been no short road. I really feel that I was born a photographer, but have spent a lifetime perfecting a craft. I will never be perfect, but isn't there beauty in that? 

I love photographing people, children especially. I am still a big kid at heart, so please don't take me too seriously. I am a light chaser, and will chase golden light to the ends of the Earth to capture the dreamiest photograph of you or your Little One. I will crawl around on the ground and be a total goofball with your child. I want to let the natural moments unfold in due time, and I want to capture them in a photograph. The word "cheese" makes me cringe. Let's re-train children to be themselves–free, youthful and innocent. Let them make a goofy face. Let them dance and sing. Let them jump on the bed. Let them not be perfect. Let them be a CHILD, before we blink and they are all grown up. Let's not take life too seriously here people. It is too short, so let me freeze it on film (er well, a memory card).

I have two boys that you'll see all over my blog- 5 year old (going on 14) Finn, and 2 year old Dylan.

If you have a longer attention span than the majority of the people on the internet (3 seconds per website), and are still reading... here is some more info about Ann's professional experience:

Ann holds a BFA from the University of Delaware, majoring in Visual Communications, Concentrating in Graphic Design. She studied Applied Digital photography while at the U of D, along with Black and White Film photography. After graduation, Ann continued to study her true love: photography, while working professionally in the world of Graphic Design. She has gained a world of knowledge in the last 13 years, working as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in NYC, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Some of this experience involves art direction of fashion photoshoots. Her experience within these areas have given her a broader perspective which she can apply to her photography business. She continues to work as a freelance graphic designer, while running her photography business from St. Louis, MO.

Published work:
Washingtonian Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis Family Magazine

Other areas of photography study include:
Julia Dean Photography Workshops; Crash Flash 1 & 2 // JDPW // Hollywood, CA // 2011
UCLA Extension; Intermediate Digital Photography // University of California Los Angeles // Los Angeles, CA // 2011
Art Center at Night; Printmaking // Art Center College of Design // Pasadena, CA // 2007
Continuing Education; Color Slide Photography // School of Visual Arts // New York, NY // 2005

Honors and awards:
Photograph featured in the UCLA Extension's juried Design Communication Arts Visual Arts Student Show // 2011

Serving St. Louis, Missouri (and surrounding areas).
Available for travel.